J.T. - College Professor

Gwyn is an amazing counselor and healer. She is also an incredible teacher. Her gentle and introspective style has guided me on a journey to deeper spiritual understanding and personal growth. Through her patience, compassion, and wisdom I have been empowered to grow with major life changes and obstacles. Gwyn has helped me to find strength within and the confidence to let my light shine. If you are searching, seeking, struggling, stressed-out, or yearning for joy in a hectic and haphazard world – then Gwyn is your guru! Whether on the yoga mat or in a comfy chair, Gwyn's guidance has helped me to find happiness in chaos, peace within, and strength in my heart.

Kristen L - R.Y.T.

Gwyn Tash is one of the kindest, gentlest souls I have ever met. She has counseled me through hard times and shown me the power of meditation in it's simplest form. I have yet to find another yoga teacher that has guided me though such challenging, and simultaneously poetic, classes. Gwyn is truly a talented and beautiful spirit with in the Fort Collins yoga community.

Amanda T

I first met Gwyn after one of her yoga classes at Colorado State University, and was happy to find she is just as positive and encouraging in her daily life as she is when she teaches. After Gwyn went on hiatus, a fellow yogi who was subbing for her expressed how disappointed he was that she wasn't there; he also threw in that Gwyn is a goddess who is well-respected by her students. Gwyn takes on multiple roles whether teaching, counseling, or as a small business owner. She strives to be better not only for herself, but for the people around her. I have greatly benefited, and appreciated, all she has done to help me reach my fullest capacity.

Paul S - Yoga Therapist, Activist, Student

Gwyn emanates passionate compassion. Her guidance comes from her beautiful soul and she care-fully inspires others, leading to discovery, healing, and flourishing. I have been her student and friend for years and she has been a catalyst in my life to whom I feel profound gratitude. She has been with me through both the smooth and rough times. She compelled me to become a yoga therapist. Not only does she heal others, she helps others become healers themselves. All of the world is blessed and gifted to have this wonderful goddess-woman with us, and I hope for all to experience her empathy and wisdom.


Gwyn is simply the most inspiring, creative and intuitive yoga teacher I have encountered. Her genuine, soulful approach to yoga classes invites you to shed your self doubt and be the best that you can be in that moment. Her meditation classes have opened me up to a new realm of personal creativity that I never had been able to find on my own. I've been to Yoga Journal Conferences and other workshops and classes with internationally known teachers and I can honestly say that Gwyn Tash's classes and workshops are on the same level.

Deb C - Yoga Instructor, Feng Shui Consultant

After only a few minutes of my first counseling and yoga mentoring session with Gwyn, she touched my heart. She helped me see and release many of my limiting beliefs and patterns.  She helped me restore some confidence back into myself and my yoga teaching and practice.  The changes and transformations that have come from that, for me is immeasurable.  She is an incredibly beautiful spirit, both inside and out. She is an intuitive, nurturing, and compassionate being, and is a warm kindred spirit that you feel you've known for years. I am looking forward to being some part of her classes and events along the way to continue my education through her.

AK - Scientist

My experience with Gwyn as yoga teacher and spiritual teacher was very useful and most enjoyable. I've found her way of teaching yoga highly inspiring. It is obvious that she really enjoys what she does and this feeling passes on to others during her lessons. I've also found that she chooses just the right type of music for your lessons to deepen the impact of postures. Unfortunately, I was only able to attend 2 group sessions of spiritual healing with Gwyn during my short stay in Fort Collins. I did however find them very interesting and useful. She certainly has a way to get people actively involved in discussions and share their thoughts and personal experience. I wish I could attend the whole course. Overall, my experience with Gwyn was very positive.

Lindsay R - Owner of Mindstream Yoga, Inc.

Her deep knowledge of yoga and passion for teaching comes through in every conversation and class she leads. She's a gift to our yoga community and a rare, authentic soul. I consider her a trusted advisor and feel lucky to have met her when I did.

Lynne W - Student

I met Gwyn several years ago in a yoga class at Fort Collins Club.  She became my guide in taking my yoga practice to a higher level both spiritually and in mastering positions.  Gwyn became a friend, confidant, and counselor; I have enjoyed attending both group classes, especially the ones held in the great outdoors of Northern Colorado, and small, intimate classes in both yoga and meditation.

Sara H

When I first saw Gwyn in a yoga class, I was instantly drawn to her energy. She has a gifted spirit, both as a yoga instructor and as a therapist. For over ten years I have been seeking mental health counseling and have been frustrated with the little progress made. I can't begin to explain how, in only a few sessions, she has helped me more than all those years combined. Gwyn is truly a healer. 

J.R. - Mother
and Daughter

My daughter was recommended to get treatment by the middle school counselor due to some self esteem issues. I initially thought therapy would be worthless, but I went through the motions to placate the school. I was pleasantly surprised by the results that she experienced with Gwyn. My daughter now has set firm boundaries with boys at her school who previously seemed to have some sort of control or influence over her. She also seems more motivated to "avoid the drama" now. She and I had a session together with Gwyn to iron out some mother-daughter issues, and since that session our relationship has really blossomed. We used to be very strained around each other, but now, using our new skills and understanding, we are relaxed and happy to be together. We are actually doing more things together and enjoying them. I credit Gwyn with this welcome turn-around. I would recommend her services to anyone. In my Mother's Day card my daughter wrote, "I'm really happy about where we are in our relationship, too." So am I. Thanks, Gwyn.

C.B. - Teen in Highschool

I felt that as her client, Gwyn didn't waste my time and a lot of conflicts got resolved quickly. She definitely talked some sense into me and told me what I needed to hear as well as opening my eyes to things I needed to see. Also, Gwyn not only helped with relationship issues at school but also within my family. Now, with more self confidence, I would be proud to recommend her.

Heather R

I feel so lucky to have found Gwyn Tash. I used to suffer with a cold almost every month. I felt stressed out and anxious most of the time. Since starting Reiki for the past 8 months, I haven't had 1 cold! I think that represents the power of healing mind and body.