Gwyn teaches a style of yoga called vinyasa. Vinyasa is known as an energized form of yoga that is sequenced with transitional poses. It is often referred to as a dance of postures intricately interconnected to create the whole. 



Gwyn teaches at CorePower Yoga in Fort Collins [2700 South College Avenue]. Classes are 60 minutes unless otherwise noted. 

C2: a heated and humidified class for experienced beginners through advanced

  • Monday - 12noon and 4:30pm

  • Tuesday - 9:15am

  • Wednesday - 12noon and 7pm (7pm class is an advanced C3 class lasting 75 minutes)

  • Friday - 5:30pm

  • Saturday - 12noon (75 minutes)

Core Restore: a gentle class where poses are held for longer periods and focus on restoration.

  • Saturday - 4:30pm


Gwyn also teaches at Yoga Pod in Fort Collins [3300 South College Ave #160]. Her classes are noted as podFLOW2. Classes are set to music, are dynamic and accessible, and offer more challenging postures and variations based on the fundamentals of the podFLOW 1 classes. Each class focuses on proper alignment techniques and safe and intelligent sequencing progressions. They are designed to encourage sweat and detoxification, as well as reduce stress. The room temperature is set at 95 degrees with 40% humidity. Classes are 60 minutes unless otherwise noted.

  • Tuesday - 5:30pm

  • Wednesday - 9:30am

  • Friday - 12noon

  • Saturday - 9:15am (75 minutes)


Sessions are specific to individual needs and are a combination of asana and other elements such as alignment, breath, arm balances, inversions, and yogic philosophy.  Being guided through a yoga practice with individual attention and support can greatly enhance overall self awareness and connectivity. Vinyasa, restorative, gentle yoga, and yoga therapy are offered. 

Gwyn is also available for private parties, gatherings, and special events.